You Don’t Need A Real Estate Agent If You’re Looking To Rent

Myth 14There is truth to this statement, you don’t NEED a real estate agent – but just like all other real estate transactions, using the right Realtor to help you find and secure a property (rental or other) has many more pros than cons.

Pro #1: You don’t pay any part of the commission.

Pro #2: We have access to the database that houses all rentals listed by other Realtors, so we can find a lot of listings in a short period of time.

Pro #3: We do all the dirty work for you (paperwork, negotiations, dealing with the Listing Agent, etc.)

Con #1: ….I can’t think of any, can you!? I guess the biggest one is if you don’t find the RIGHT Realtor…that can be a big con – you have to make sure you find a Realtor that likes working rentals, and one that treats all clients the same (whether they’re buying or renting).

I’ve heard horror stories from clients who have less than favorable experiences with Realtors (not only with renting), and I can’t stress enough how important it is to first of all do your homework when finding your Realtor – don’t be afraid to interview more than one, but second of all – if you’re not having a good experience, RUN! Pay close attention to what you’re signing and how difficult it is to “get out of it” if it’s the first time you’re working with someone.  This should be fun – yes it’s stressful, but it can still be fun and exciting at the same time.

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