Patience – The Struggle is Real

It’s a week before your due date, and we are all (im)patiently awaiting your arrival baby boy. You’ve showed signs of coming for the past 2 weeks, yet here we are in week 39 of pregnancy with a bunch of fake-me-out contractions happening every night.  I have a lot of time to think, and am wondering what you could be waiting for – I’ve come up with a lot, but I know deep down you’re teaching me your very first lesson…just like your brother and sister did before I even met them.  KidsMaybe you’re waiting for Mommy & Daddy to finish all of their work so there wouldn’t be anything lingering on our minds when you get here – don’t worry, I promise you will have our attention – it ain’t our first rodeo, kiddo. Maybe you want to give your big sister Daphne a little more time as the baby – let me tell you, she loves being the baby, but I’m pretty sure she loves babies even more. Maybe you want your big brother Zach to have some more time and attention from Mommy & Daddy before you know you have to take it away for a bit – just know, he asks about you every day. daphneIt could be all (or none) of these things, but it’s one thing I know for sure – the life lesson you’re not-so-subtly reminding me of. Patience is a virtue, and something that doesn’t come easily to us. I know you’re coming soon, and I am trying so hard to not wish these days away because I’m uncomfortable and anxious to meet you.  I keep trying to remind myself that you can’t stay in my belly forever, and I know you’ll be here before we know it – and then, in the blink of an eye you’ll grow and change and become your own little person just like your brother and sister have. zach.jpg

We aren’t guaranteed anything in life, and I am so grateful for everything I’ve been blessed with – I just wish I didn’t have to remind myself of that.  I’ve been like this my whole life, waiting for the next thing, wishing time away so I could get to the next step, putting things on hold or waiting until the time was right to take a chance or get something started.  It’s so easy to get swept up in daily routines and work and events, and time just passes faster and faster. Since I became a Mom, I’ve slowly started shedding this feeling and gaining more patience when it comes to my babies – it’s basically a requirement of the job. I’ve started taking more risks in life because I know that great things don’t happen with the status quo and all I want to do is make my babies proud.  I want to make sure you have parents who you can look up to and learn from so you can surpass us in life and be your greatest selves. So I’m going to be patient, and soak up these last few days with your brother and sister until you get here. I won’t wish any days away, or for time to move faster, and I’ll let you make your entrance whenever you’re ready – after all, the best things in life come to those who wait.


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