Courtney In The House

I mean, why is this in someone’s bedroom at all, let alone when they’re trying to sell their house?! I doubt anyone would walk away just because of something like this, but why wouldn’t you just hide it in the closet, people?!? #wtfwednesday #peaceproperties #declutterBEFOREyouputitonthemarket #idontwanttoknowwhattheydowiththis #neitherdoescourtneycox

Staging and Professional Photos Aren’t Necessary

There are two points of view to think about in regards to professional photos and staging – the buyers and the sellers. This particular series of before and after photos show my (buyer) clients’ house when it was still on the market and clearly un-staged (*before*), versus the photos showing how they transformed the space… Read More Staging and Professional Photos Aren’t Necessary

There’s No Limit To What You Can Ask Sellers For

Technically, there is no limit – but there is a line you don’t want to cross when writing up an offer on a home. The fine line lies between getting a good deal for your clients and not pissing the sellers off – after all, they’re selling the place they’ve called home for however long, you want to make sure your offer isn’t so offensive they don’t even bother working with you. This is where good Real Estate Agents come into play, they should help guide you to making the right offer and it’s up to you to take their advice or not. Read more on the blog about playing the fine line and how to get the most out of your Realtor’s experience. … Read More There’s No Limit To What You Can Ask Sellers For