A whole year has passed and I can hardly believe it. I wanted to make sure to get all of these videos in one place so I could always look back on them and remember this turning point in my life.

Day 1 – June 4th, 2018: The journey kicks off in New York. It would be our first of 5 check-ins on national TV with the supertrainer who created the program herself. Our focus for the next 92 days would be on mindset, self-care and a total body reset. I was terrified, excited, emotional, nervous I would drop the f-bomb on live TV or cry or both – I don’t think I’ve ever felt so many things at one time aside from having my kids. It’s the kind of feeling that’s hard to explain. Watch the first episode here.

Check In 2 – June 25th, 2018: 3 weeks passed and I successfully went on vacation without failing on my new lifestyle. I worked out everyday, I recruited my family to join me on some workouts, I followed my nutrition plan and I felt amazing. We also went out to a restaurant which was another roadblock that would throw me off before – but this time I focused on what I would have eaten without even thinking had I not been paying attention to my choices. Leaving dinner out feeling satisfied but light and not in a food coma was a huge empowering moment for me. Watch my first checkin episode here.

Me and my siblings our first day at the beach, after I took them through a little workout we like to call “the zoo”

Check In 3 – July 18th, 2018: After a sudden and unexpected death in the family, I quickly realized that life throws curve balls no matter what is going on. I was being faced with all of the biggest hurdles that would normally derail me – and it was so important to keep taking care of myself, especially during the darkest moments. I started understanding that life shouldn’t revolve around food, or what you look like, or what you weigh; no days are guaranteed, and I wanted to stop living so recklessly so I could be around as long as possible for my family. Watch episode 3 here.

Check In 4 – August 6th, 2018: Everything was sinking in more and more. I celebrated my 34th birthday, was getting better at meal planning and prepping, and needed to go shopping for new clothes to wear in New York. I already started to feel like a different person, and couldn’t have been more grateful that this program came into my life at this time. Before I went back on the show, I decided I wanted to be a coach so I could help as many women as possible find their way out of this vicious cycle of self-hate and negativity that so many of us get stuck in. I went from feeling overwhelmed with everything in life, to wanting and being able to handle taking on a new career. Watch episode 4 here.

The weekend I brought my sister and bff, Autumn brought her sister (my new mentor coach), too.

Finale – August 30, 2018: This amazing journey on the show was coming to an end, but the rest of my life was just beginning. I know that this can be the hardest thing to do, it can feel overwhelming, and scary, and you will fall more times than you can imagine – but you just have to keep getting back up and never give up on yourself. My life has completely changed over the last year, and I can’t imagine still being stuck in the place I was before the show. Time + Consistency = Success. Don’t wait another minute – get to work! Watch the finale here. If you’re ready to start your journey and you need my help, fill out the form below and let’s talk.

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