SOOO, is December kicking your ass like it is mine?! Yea, I know – believe me, this is the time of the year that the LAST thing you wanna think about is your health journey. The classic “I’ll wait till January” comment, but that’s the opposite of what we need to be doing!

Here are some tips to get you through this month without going nuts.

Keep your blood pumping

K, so you think I’m insane, I get it – but what’s the deal with working out when we’re sick? Well, it depends on some stuff…are you like ill in bed with a fever and can barely move? Ok – first you need to stop reading and go get some meds, second no – you definitely shouldn’t be working out.

Basically anything else…coughing? Sneezing? General cold like symptoms? Workouts will help your body get rid of the funkiness. Release toxins, get sweating so you can get that gunk out and I bet you’ll see that you start to feel better faster. Dont’ assume that when I say workout I mean go run 10 miles or do the hardest workout in the library, choose what makes sense for you that day – is it yoga? pilates? light cardio? Anything will help, just get moving.

Eat your veggies

Are you still eye rolling from tip #1? Well keep it going, sister bc I KNOW you don’t crave veggies when you’re sick. The more veggies and nutrients you can get in your system, the better your body and immune system will be able to fight off whatever it is you got going on there, so go hard on the fresh produce and don’t look back.

Listen to a good book or podcast to keep your head on straight

Nothing kills the Christmas spirit like stress, anxiety and self-deprecation. Find a good book or podcast, and listen whenever you’re doing things like driving or the dishes so you can keep your mindset in check. Haven’t done this before and don’t know where to start? Go download Chasing Cupcakes by Elizabeth Benton – YOU’RE WELCOME FOR CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

Stop putting off your self-care

Get a mani/pedi. Have a date night. Take a mental health day. Do what you gotta do and don’t be so hard on yourself. You should be your number one priority, if you are, you’ll be able to better take care of everyone and everything else on your plate.

Water is your bestie

Aside from me, obvi – but like chug that water. Not la croix, not white claw, good ole fashioned water. Your body is begging you for it, and it will help flush out those toxins and get you feeling your best in no time.

Get to it, gf!


  1. December has me very overwhelmed, I decided to do what I can do. Do some sort of exercise, any is better than none.
    Got a foot of snow on Monday, lost power, threw out all my pre- prep food. Had a chest cold from shoveling and I have a tax deadline 12/16 at work. Getting ready for my first college class 1/12
    I can’t be hard on me- add Christmas to the mixture- I’ve struggled in 2019 with personal issues, I’m going to try to be kinda to me in 2020
    Thank you coach Irene


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