2020 is the year we step outside of our comfort zones. It’s the year that we get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s the year we focus on the things that matter like how our bodies feel, how our minds treat us, how our food fuels us.

I am stepping WAYYY outside of my comfort zone with this new workout program. I’m going to be honest, at first – and for a few weeks I convinced myself I don’t need to do it. That it’s not going to be hard enough. That I won’t be able to lose weight. That I would feel like an idiot.

NEWS FLASH TO ME….these are the exact reasons I NEED to do this program! We all are guilty of making excuses, but I’m proclaiming now that I’m done with excuses.

What is Barre Blend?

Barre Blend is a LOW-IMPACT high-intensity program that focuses on positivity and combines barre ballet, pilates and cardio to sculpt, tone and lean out your body. I mean, who DOESN’T need that in their lives?!

We are going to wrap this bootcamp up with some really intense goal setting, mindset work, and nutrition education so that we can get make this year the year that this stuff sticks. Here’s what you get when you join our community and start the next bootcamp with us:

  • VIP Access to this new program (Barre Blend)
  • I AM positive affirmation cards – one for each day of the program
  • Membership to my Peace Warriors bootcamp full of other amazing women
  • Goal Setting Deep-Dive
  • Mindset Workshop
  • Me as your coach and #1 Cheerleader forevsss
  • Over 700 workouts to choose from after we finish this one
  • Nutrition Program teaching you balanced portions
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Accountability and Motivation

Fill out the form below to start the conversation and get more info!

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