5 Ways to Focus on your Health – Instead of your Weight Loss

It hit me like a ton of bricks this week, as I’m down for the count with pneumonia and bronchitis…we take WAY too much advantage of our health! We also put WAY too much of our focus on weight loss. So what would happen if we intentionally made our health the priority? What if we took all the focus off of the numbers on the scale, and put all that energy into improving our overall health?

I’ve quickly gone from working out daily to having a hard time taking a deep breath, and let me tell you something – it’s kinda scary. I thought about how lung cancer runs in my family. What if it was a serious diagnosis that I had received? What if everything I had been doing (or not doing) for my health was all I had to fight something big? Would I be strong enough? Would my body be ready to fight? Would my mind?

I’m not saying we should take care of our bodies because we might get sick in the future, but I do think we need to start looking at a different why. What’s more important to you: wearing smaller pants or living 10 extra years? Looking like that/her or feeling really strong and confident day to day? Obsessing over how you look in the mirror or instilling good habits and knowledge and mindset into your kids?

We all inherently want to be better – we want to be healthy, of course we want to live a long life and see our kids grow up, we want to be kind humans, we want feel good, and be less stressed – so why is it that it’s so easy to get distracted by weight loss?

If you’re like I used to be, it consumes your mind. So I want to give you some tips to cut that shit out and start to really focus on the bigger stuff.

1. Figure out your REAL why

Your why is not that you wanna lose weight. It’s just not. That’s the superficial answer to this question. I want you to keep asking yourself why, until you really uncover the why. It can take time to figure this out, so don’t get frustrated if you can’t get to the bottom of it in 5 minutes – but keep it in your mind and think about it as you go through your day. Notice the things that trigger you emotionally – it might be tied to that.

2. Start your day with Intention

This has really helped me for so many reasons. A good morning routine is really important – even if it only involves some mindset work and a warm cup of coffee before anyone else wakes up. Remember what your why is every morning. Remind yourself why you’re doing this. Practice some breathing exercises or meditation to center yourself. Start the day calmly and be ready and prepared to take on any challenges you will likely face.

3. Don’t choose a weight loss program to follow because it’s fast

This bugs me, because it takes the focus on weight loss to the next level where we blindly follow fad diets because they work “fast” – even if they’re detrimental to our health. So not only are we making the main focus weight loss, we’re actually hurting our health in the process. Eating in a way that’s sustainable, that makes you feel fulfilled and not deprived, that doesn’t remove full food groups – we need to fuel our bodies with nutrients that help them work the way they’re meant to.

4. Pay attention to your numbers

No, not the scale. Bloodwork. Blood Pressure. Heart Rate. You don’t have to have a degree to understand the basics of these numbers, plus usually your doctor will give you a brief synopsis – don’t be afraid to ask more questions. Your health is your responsibility! You would be shocked how many things you can change with nutrition in this department – meds should be a very last resort.

5. How do you FEEL?

Do a little experiment and keep a journal. Write down your current feelings and patterns. Do you sleep well? What does your skin look like? Do you have energy? Do you crash in the afternoon or after meals? Do you poop regularly? Do you get bloated regularly? Do you feel sluggish? Write it all down as best you can, then as you start making better choices with your food and exercise – ask yourself these questions again. How do you feel after 1 week? 1 month? Pay attention and be self-aware – this can really help you stay on track because feeling really good, well, it feels really good. You’re gonna wanna keep that shit up.

Now, go get to improving your health!

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