It’s time to LEVEL UPPPPP for the last 6 weeks of the year! Registration is now open for our December Bootcamp – here’s what it’s gonna look like:

  • 3 Day Restart to detox from the craziness of Thanksgiving and help us feel our best and lose the bloat
  • Weekly Newsletter and Focus of the Week
  • Access to my Mindset Workshop (self-paced virtual course)
  • Weekly Meal Plan and Recipes
  • BONUS: Cocktail and Party Recipes you can take with you to impress your friends that fit your new healthy lifestyle
  • Weekly Group Pep Talk
  • The Netflix of workouts with over 50 programs to choose from varying from beginner to advanced athletes
  • Me as your coach for lifeeee
  • The most badass accountability group – Peace Warriors
  • One month’s worth of my miracle superfood shake and/or pre/post-workout supplements that I swear by (#momcrack)

Fill out the form below and I’ll send you more info and answer any questions you may have:

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