Dream Big

I made a vision board. I’ve never done that before in my life, but I made one + it has some crazy, insane stuff on there.

This time last year, I was trying (again) to start a new program. I was hopeful (again) that it would be the one that stuck. I was motivated (again) enough to get through January + even a week into February. I gave up (again), because excuses got the best of me. Because I tried to convince myself that I could just make better choices, + that it didn’t matter if the weight came off slowly, I was going to do it this time. That was a lie. That hasn’t worked for me before + it didn’t work for me again. I fell off the wagon. HARD. More weight came on. More confidence left me. More shame and doubt crept in. By April, I was at rock bottom. Someone told me to my face that “I really let myself go”. As angry as I was + as offended + hurt + embarrassed, I knew deep down it was true. Where the HELL was the Irene that used to laugh all the time. I hadn’t seen her in a long time. She was hiding so far inside me that I feared she actually might be gone forever. I thought to myself that maybe I just need to figure out how to be happy, despite how I look and feel, just deal with the fact that this is it. Little did I know – that was exactly what I needed to do – but not without making some big changes first.

Fastforward to now. 6 months after I STARTED implementing those changes. In 6 MONTHS, I turned my entire life around. I followed an at home workout program, I used portion containers that taught me how to eat what I needed to feel my best, I drank a shake everyday, I changed my negative mindset into a completely positive one. I shed all of that extra weight that was the product of my self-hate, negativity, shame, depression, doubt, fear. But that wasn’t all I did. I started my dream job – the job I always wanted but never thought I deserved or could make successful. And in those 6 months, I ranked in the top 5% of our company.

I’m only just getting started, I’m learning, I’m growing. Now that I’m at a place in my journey where I feel stable + under control, I’m dedicating this year to helping 15 of you get to that place too. I work from home. I’m with my kids all the time. I have met so many amazing people that inspire me everyday. This is literally a dream come true + if you think I’m insane but you also think man, wouldn’t that be nice, I’d love to do that – let’s have a talk + see if it might work for you like it did for me. I promise, you won’t regret it. Where will you be next January? On this list, or still stuck? Fill out the form below so we can start the conversation. Together, we can change it all.

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